Las Vegas Bottle Show
2/19/99 & 2/20/99 

Lila and I had a wonderful time in Las Vegas this year! We really liked the new venue. Once we parked our car at the Tropicana, we didn't move it until it was time to leave. The New York, New York Casino is on one corner, MGM Grand and Excalibur are on the other two corners with walkways to all four casinos, you never have to cross the street. We had tickets to "Lord of the Dance" at New York, New York. An excellent show!

We heard many of the dealers grumbling about not selling as much as they did when the bottle show was downtown at the Union Plaza Hotel, but they certainly weren't talking about us! I spent plenty of money and Lila really cleaned up with New Orleans bottles and sauces.

Lila's New Orleans Sodas

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